Always committed to create brand designs that are both strategic and creative.

A product is a physical entity created in a factory, while a brand is a psychological attribute created in the mind of people. A brand is therefore a mixture of both tangible and intangible attributes symbolised in a trademark which, if carefully orchestrated, are capable of exercising a powerful influence on economic spending.

Our branding process involves a strategic approach to the development and implementation of a consistent corporate and product brand identity that will cost-effectively break through the communication clutter.

We believe that understanding both the target market's needs as well the true essence of the brand, makes brand design strategic and aesthetic.

Our emphasis is on innovative brand development that is strategic, memorable and consistent

Our team is skilled in coordinating the identification and analysis of the critical and often complex factors that impacts your brand.


The art of branding is to get inside the mind and orchestrate what people say to other people about your brand. We set your brand apart by crafting a unique position strategy in the mind.


Our dedication is to create distinctive consumer experiences when building brands. Unlocking future relevance and creating unique opportunities.


We strive to inspire, surprise and delight with designs that creates impact, differentiates and generates brand awareness.


BrandBuilders is passionate to make a difference in the way consumers experience your brand. We create designs that inspire and communicate a clear brand message.


Our web development uses the latest technology and includes skills in design-led thinking, strategic consideration and product performance optimisation.